I signed up for the Birthday reward but I didn’t receive it?

Happy birthday! We’re so glad that you have chosen to celebrate with us through our rewards program. In order for you to receive your birthday reward on your birthday, you must register at least 30 days prior to your birthday. If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday reward 30 days after your registration. This delay is only applicable for the first year that you sign up. All successive birthday rewards will be emailed to you on your birthday. If you register your birthday through your rewards account any time after it has passed in the current calendar year, rewards will not be added to your account until the day of your birthday in the following year. Remember, your birthday is determined by the Rewards member tier that you are a part of on the date of your birthday. If it has been more than 30 days since you registered for your birthday reward and you still have not received the additional points in your account, please contact us at customer.care@capitalcityfruit.com and we will be happy to assist you.