Why is Farm Produce Direct the best way to receive your fresh fruits and vegetables?

  • We’ve been providing high-quality produce to our community for over 70 years, meaning you can trust us as experts in all things fruits and vegetables.
  • We deliver directly from our farms to your front door, which eliminates extra stops in between and allows us to deliver the freshest produce available.
  • Our produce doesn’t sit out on a shelf at the store for the general public to handle, helping you feel safer about consuming your fresh fruits & vegetables. Our USDA-trained packing experts take extra precautions when handling your order 
  • We source our produce from our local family farms when in season, which helps to support and strengthen local economies.
  • Our stay-fresh packaging means you don’t have to be home to receive your order. Your produce will stay fresh and protected until you’re home to enjoy it. 
  • We ship across the United States directly to you, or as a gift to family or friends. We also offer gift cards for friends and family to select their own items.
  • We are constantly monitoring and changing our growing regions to find the highest quality produce for you to enjoy.
  • Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means you can reach out to us with any problem and we’ll always make it right.